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How customers utilize PitchBook

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Manhattan Venture Partners

“We put a lot of confidence in the data PitchBook offers and we've found that it is—by far—the most accurate.”

—Brad Fishman, Managing Partner, Manhattan Venture Partners

Ferring Pharmaceuticals

“PitchBook is a very nice tool. It’s detailed and frequently updated.”

—Laura Demino, Corporate Development, Ferring Pharmaceuticals


“PitchBook is very helpful with industry insights and investment research.”

—Eric Gao, CEO BMY Group

Upfront ventures

“I am way more prepared when companies are fundraising because I know who funded them before I talk with them, how much they raised and when, what the valuations were, who’s on the board, who was on the management team (and maybe who left), etc. PitchBook is invaluable in my job.”

—Mark Suster, General Partner, Upfront ventures

Boltendahl International Partners

“PitchBook has people data that no other platform provides.”

—Juan Capurro Boltendahl, Corporate Finance Professional, Boltendahl International Partners

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